The Friendly Invasion in Suffolk - Conflict and Commemoration

During World War II more than 70, 000 Americans came to the county of Suffolk in East Anglia to perform their military duties. Known as the 'Friendly Invasion,' in a few short years the encounter had a profound impact on both visitors and the visited. It left behind a lasting legacy in the county that endures to this day.

Drawing on the Graham Cross Collection of photographs, documents, letters, diaries, film and audio recordings from that time, this online exhibition and research project explores different aspects of the 'Friendly Invasion' in Suffolk and the legacy of remembrance and commemoration.

We hope you find the content interesting and informative during the current lock down situation. We also invite visitors to this site to make this a collaborative project by sharing their own experiences of the 'Friendly Invasion' itself and particularly of participation in local commemorative activities in the years since the 'Yanks' returned home.


Dr Graham Cross and Dr Sam Edwards